Wet Grinder

We are providing highly efficient wet grinders or wet grinding machines. Our wet grinders are having wide range of capacity from 2Ltr to 20Ltr. Lower capacity models are best used for domestic use while higher range models are best suited for the commercial purpose.

Our wet grinder machines are made of high quality SS 304 material. This machines are used for grinding wet dal or rice for preparation of idli, dosa, khaman, dalwada etc.

Power requirement for the machine is based on its capacity. For capacity 2Ltr to 20Ltr, power requirement ranges from 0.25HP to 2HP. Please check our following varieties of models for the better comparison.

Confider is the pioneer group in the field of size reduction industry. Whether, it’s a dry grinding, semi wet grinding or wet grinding, our wet grinders/ wet grinding machines are the trend setters in each of the categories since long. Wet grinding machines are the daily need of kitchen in large part of the world. Batters for Indian items like idli, dosa, meduwada, dalwada can be prepared faster and at home with our wet grinders.

Confider Industries’ SS 304 Wet grinders are available with two different arrangements.

  1. Steady type wet grinders
  2. Tilting type wet grinders

Some of the best features of our wet grinders are listed below,

  • As there is complete wet raw material is being handled with this machine, this machine is manufacture with complete stainless steel (SS 304) material. SS 304 material considered as the food grade material. It offers very good corrosion resistance, machinability and temperature adaptivity.
  • Steady type wet grinders are available with 2 Ltr to 20 Ltr capacity. Tilting type wet grinders are available with the 5 Ltr. To 10 Ltr. capacity. Motor power required for the tilting type wet grinders are slightly higher than steady type wet grinders.
  • It can handle rice, dal, black gram and similar materials very well. All of our wet grinders can be run with single phase power supply.
  • Our wet grinders are plug and play type machines which not require assembly before usage.
  • Motors are provided inbuilt with the machine so there is absolutely no need of any external prime mover in case of confider industries’ wet grinders.
  • Brochure, photos, videos available for ready reference and rapid decision making.
  • In the end, confider industries’ wet grinder can serve entire range of buyers from domestic to commercial for their “healthy batter preparation for better society”


POWER 1 HP 1 HP 1.5 HP
DIMENSION 30”X 19”X 36” 32”X 21”X 37” 33”X 23”X 40”
WEIGHT 110 kg 115 kg 125 kg

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