Confider industries, from its beginning, has grown to become a leader in the food processing industry.

We provide the best quality rice mill machinery. This has various differentiators like it is low cost of machine, easy to operate, safer than typical hullers or huskers, compact structure. We are offering the machine having base so rigid that it can provide noise and vibration free operation. It gives flexibility in electric supply as machine is to be operated with single phase power supply. We are providing Screen and Rollers quite durable which can offer ease in collection of rice bran, rice flour etc.

Combining of rice mill with crushing gives the advantage of three processes at one time which are removal of husk, whitening of rice and crushing of rice bran.

Machines are made from good quality raw material which imparts long lasting durability. Motor windings are coppered one. All the machines we are delivering only after the quality assurance from our side. Our rice mill machines are most suitable for residential usage, NGOs, Self-Help Groups, and small scale businesses. Rice mills are also available without motor.

Confider Industries’ single and combine rice mills are revolutionary for the people from the coastal areas as well as rice producing areas. Confider’s rice mills are performing post harvesting processes vert well. In the first process, it removes the paddy and husk in milling operation followed by grinding of that white rice in the next process. This milling and grinding process is being performed by a common motor. This motor is of 3 HP capacity. Our rice mill runs well with single phase power supply only.

We are providing both options for rice mill,

Single Rice Mill – In this only milling can be done with the machine, not grinding.

Combine Rice Mill – In this option, both operations called milling and grinding can be performed with a single machine.

Confider Industries’ rice mills are very well known because of following attributes,

  • Confider Industries’ rice mills are made of highly strong mild steel (MS) material.
  • Aluminium casted chamber is used which possesses high thermal conductivity compared to normal steel.
  • Very high production capacity around 120-140 kg/ hr is given by confider industries’ rice mill. Grinding capacity is around 25-30 kg/ hr as per the type of material and its fineness.
  • Our rice mills can be assembled and dissembled very easily. This makes rice mill very easy to handle during transportation and transfer within the area.
  • No much maintenance and cleaning are required for confider industries’ rice mill.
  • Confider Industries’ rice mills are used for domestic as well as commercial purpose.
  • We have developed the machine keeping rural areas’ people in mind. Thus, machine is kept very simple to operate.
  • Motor is attached externally. This gives much flexibility to end users to change the motor or belt very easily.
  • All required accessories are provided with the machine only. No need of extra parts after purchasing of our rice mill.
  • In future, any of the part is required from supplier side to be provided immediately.
  • Brochure, manual, photos, videos available for ready reference and rapid decision making
  • On call product service support

In short, Confider Industries’ rice mills are very useful machine required for the post processing of rice. This machine can handle domestic as well as commercial need of the people across the globe with utmost satisfaction.

MODEL RMS(Single) RMC(Combine)
DIMENSION 30”X 17.5”X 45” 50”X 17.5”X 45”
PHASE Single Single
CAPACITY(MILLING) 140 kg/hr 140 kg/hr
WEIGHT(WITH MOTOR) 53 kg 85 kg
MOTOR RPM 2800 2800

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