Ribbon Blender

Masala Mixer is the usually considered as the peripheral equipment during food preparation. When it comes to handle mixture with large stock size or continuous supply, masala mixer or ribbon blender is one of the important equipment. Confider Industries’ masala mixer is capable to mix items up to 80 kgs in one cycle. This includes mixtures for snacks, savories, and other mixtures like chilli with oil for preservation purpose.

Masala mixer/ Ribbon Blender is made of high-quality food grade SS 304 material. This makes this machine suitable for humid environment as well as salty service condition. Masala mixer for snacks mixing used for long hours without pause. Confider Industries’ masala mixers are having continuous operation of several hours without interruption.

Confider Industries’ masala mixers are available with 0.5 HP to 3 HP capacity. More specifically, 0.5 HP, 0.75 HP, 1 HP, 2 HP, 3 HP masala mixers are available with us. All of above variants require single power connection. Usually, operation time for each stock of masala mixer is depending upon drum size and standard cycle time. Drum sizes of our masala mixers are in the range of 2 kg to 80 kg.

MODEL RB0p5 RB0p75 RB1 RB2 RB3
POWER 0.5 HP 0.75 HP 1 HP 2 HP 3 HP
DIMENSION 30”X 16”X 27” 35”X 19”X 26” 49”X 26”X 40” 61”X 26”X 40” 90”X 26”X 40”
WEIGHT 45 kg 52 kg 150 kg 200 kg 250 kg
DRUM CAPACITY 2-4 kg 4-8 kg 10-30 kg 10-30 kg 20-80 kg

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