Garlic Peeler

Confider Industries is one of the leading garlic machine providers in India as well as across the world. Garlic is the need of almost all kitchen preparations. This makes this machine more demanding in the field of food processing machineries.

Garlic peeler needs continuous operation for 2-3 hours in case of commercial use like catering services, restaurants etc. Confider Industries’ garlic peelers are most suited for such continuous operation.

  • Garlic peeler is made from SS 304 material which if food grade material.
  • Confider Industries’ garlic peelers are plug and play type peelers which don’t require any assembly.
  • Fine output can be obtained with impact type peeling operation.
  • Our garlic peelers are very simple in design. This helps in operation, transfer and maintenance.
  • Garlic peelers are provided with all accessories required for easy handling of machine.
  • Brochure, photos, videos available for ready reference and rapid decision making.
  • Garlic peelers are available with 0.25 HP motor capacity. 10-12 kg garlic can be feed in an hour.

At the end, Confider Industries’ garlic peelers are capable to reduce food preparation time drastically at very low cost.

DIMENSION 10”x 90”x 21”
WEIGHT 14 kg
CAPACITY 10-12 kg

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