Double Stage MS Pulverizer

Doubled stage MS pulverizer is the signature product of the confider industries for B2B customers. Confider Industries’ double stage pulverizer is capable of grinding almost all masalas (spices) and grains. This machine got developed to take the advantage of multi stage grinding. This ensures the cold processing of spices and herbs, which helps retain aroma of the herb material.

Confider Industries’ double stage pulverizer can grind Wheat, Maize, Jawar, Besan, Black Gram, Green Gram, Rice, Dal, Oats, Millet, Rye, Barley, Corn, Ragi, Sugar, Salt, Turmeric, Chili, Dried Coriander, Black Pepper, Dried Ginger etc.

Confider industries’ double stage pulverizer is tradeoff between domestic pulverizers and heavy capacity plants. This differentiator makes this machine more suitable for the small-scale business owner in this field.

Confider Industries’ double stage pulverizer offers following benefits,

  • High production, Low price, Optimum noise
  • Motor can be attached with outside arrangement.
  • Confider Industries’ double stage pulverizer are very rigid compared to similar machines available in the market.
  • Complete MS Material body offers very strong structure. This results into very less vibration during operation.
  • Confider Industries’ double stage pulverizes are available with 7.5 HP, 10 HP, and 15 HP capacity.
  • Fixed blades are mounted on the common shaft connected with the motor. This avoids the extra motor required to rotate two beaters.
  • Course grinding can be performed in one stage followed by very fine grinding in the next stage of cutting chamber.
  • Machine is provided with or without motor, if buyer has their own motor. This gives flexibility to the customer to use their own motor.
  • All of the double stage pulverizers from the confider industries require three phase power connection.
  • Confider Industries’ double stage pulverizers are more suitable for the commercial purpose.
  • Brochure, manual, photos, videos available for ready reference and rapid decision making
  • On call product service support

Technical Details Double Stage MS Pulverizer

POWER 7.5 HP 10 HP 15 HP
PHASE Three Three Three
CAPACITY 70-80 kg/hr 70-80 kg/hr 125-135 kg/hr
CHAMBER-1 12.5”X 6.5” 12.5”X 6.5” 12.5”X 6.5”
CHAMBER-2 10”X 4” 10”X 4” 10”X 4”
BLADE 6+4 6+4 6+4
DIMENSION 54”X 22”X 52” 54”X 22”X 52” 54”X 22”X 52”
WEIGHT(WITH MOTOR) 220 kg 250 kg 280 kg

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