Blower Pulverizer

Spice grinding business in India is becoming very booming day by day. People is preferring their own materials’ grinding over readily available packed spices in the market. Packed items are always in doubt when comes to its purity. Confider Industries’ blower pulverizer serves this demand since decades. Our satisfied customer base increasing exponentially because of modular design of our blower pulverizer, very less maintenance while in operation, best in class after sales service, on call query resolution. Our blower pulverizers are capable of grinding of chilly, dry leaves, coriander, cumin, turmeric, sugar, coffee, herbs etc.

In the last, if you are searching for leading provider of best, cheap pulverizer for spice/ masala grinding, then confider’s blower pulverizer is the best solution for you.

Our blower pulverizers are raising the bar for customers’ expectation. Given below are few of qualities of our blower pulverizers.

  • Our blower pulverizers are having very compact design with efficient cutting mechanism
  • Company owned or standard motor options are available for prime mover
  • It can handle wet materials like coriander very effectively
  • Complete body of our blower pulverizer is made or mild steel (MS), which is comparatively stronger than stainless steel (SS)
  • Blower type arrangement is very suitable for faster production and efficient material processing
  • No friction type arrangement is there for material grinding. Hanging cutters are there inside the chamber which are having longer life without much wear and tear.
  • Confider Industries has developed the blower pulverizer with various motor capacities ranging from 2 HP to 20 HP. More specifically, 2 HP, 3 HP, 5 HP, 7.5 HP, 10 HP, 15 HP, and 20 HP capacity models are available.
  • All blower pulverizers with capacity below 5 HP requires single phase power while pulverizers with capacity 5 HP and more needs three phase power connection.
  • Confider Industries is providing the masala plants/ spice plant based on blower pulverizer concept. These plants are available with production capacities ranging from 200 kg/hr to 1 ton/ hr.
  • Our plants are fully aligning with all compliances for quality and hygiene. We are providing fully or partially automated plants with required equipment like destoners, dust collectors etc. and conveying systems like belt, chain, or screw conveyers, control panels.
  • In our plants cutting arrangement is provided with SS 304 while other parts are made with mild steel which is stronger and hence long life.
  • Brochure, manual, photos, videos available for ready reference and rapid decision making
  • On call product service support
  • Technical Details Blower Pulverizer
MODEL BP2 BP3 BP5 BP7p5 BP10 BP15 BP20
POWER 2HP 3HP 5HP 7.5HP 10HP 15HP 20HP
CAPACITY 20 kg/hr 30 kg/hr 50-60 kg/hr 70-80 kg/hr 100 kg/hr 150 kg/hr 200 kg/hr
CHAMBER SIZE 4”X 8” 5”X 10” 6”X 12” 6”X 12” 8”X 16” 10”X 18” 14”X 20”

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